At Penwak we love to design and create new ways of making you enjoy the all-natural Miswak tooth-stick for oral hygiene.

Penwak Miswak Tooth-stick

The Penwak Miswak Tooth-stick is all-natural, 100% biodegradable and requires no water, brush, or paste to freshen your mouth wherever you are. Miswak has been used for centuries not only due to its proven benefits in maintaining superior oral hygiene, but also due to its ease of use. We have also custom designed our Penwak packaging to be recycle friendly and eco-conscious.

We offer you the Penwak assurance of bringing you the most hygienic and authentic Salvadora persica tooth-sticks anywhere in the world. Unlike any other miswak brand on the market, we conduct a thorough microbial analysis by North American standards on our miswaks to ensure safety and reliability. This way you receive the finest quality miswaks available. Experience natural oral hygiene like never before. Penwak miswaks in original flavour are available in packs of five or ten on our online shop.


Penwak Swivel Case Kit

The Penwak Swivel Case comes in a contemporary kit. If it is the first time you are purchasing the Swivel Case, we highly recommend that you get this kit. The Penwak Swivel Case is available in three eye-catching finishes: Pure White, Coal Grey, and Matte Black. Choose any one or all three and you are sure to be impressed!


Penwak Swivel Case

The Penwak Swivel Case boasts simple and practical design to conveniently store and use the miswak tooth-stick wherever you are. Meant for everyday use, the construction is sturdy yet light weight. Whether you are keeping it on your office desk, in your car, on your bedside, or carrying it in your pocket, it is sure to grab intrigue. The design is BOLD with a unique cuboid shape and sleek finish to give it a very refined and distinctive look.

Exclusive to our online shop, you can purchase the Penwak Swivel Case on its own. If it is the first time you are purchasing the case, we recommend buying the kit.