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Coronavirus UPDATE: Our Miswak tooth-sticks were packaged hygienically in 2019 in a clean facility before the crisis. Final product packaging is done in North America with proper precautions. Please expect shipping delays due to the crisis.  


PENWAK is a North American company dedicated to providing you with great natural oral hygiene solutions.




Establish as the most trusted source worldwide for premium quality Salvadora persica miswaks for oral hygiene, innovative miswak holders and other novelty accessories designed to enhance the miswak experience.


Contact us for any inquiries:

Toll-free: 1-855-PENWAK1

CANADA: 1-416-477-8202


Head Office:


15503-265 Port Union Rd. 
M1C 4Z7

For sales related inquiries, contact us on info[at]


Now in Stores

Find the Penwak Kits and Penwak Miswaks at following locations.
(Penwak cannot guarantee colour selection of your choice will be available. Please check with individual store)
Modah, 5120 Dixie Rd., Unit #12, Mississauga, ON. 905-232-0990
The Date Palm40 New Delhi Dr., Unit #58, Markham, ON. 905-554-8000
Hijab Fashions, 421 Nugget Avenue, Unit #5, Toronto, ON. 416-292-2419


Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Penwak Miswak Tooth-stick expire?

The Miswak tooth-sticks do not have an exact expiry date. Over time they tend to dry out and become hard depending on the vaccum packaging. The Penwak Miswak Tooth-sticks are best to use up to 18 months after their packaging. For instance, if the Penwak Miswak label reads "Packaged in October 2019," it should be good to use till March 2017! If at any point you have questions about the Penwak Miswak Tooth-stick you have purchased, please feel free to contact us by phone or email info[at]


Can I find Penwak products at retail locations?

We are collaborating with various retailers to get our products in specific stores that cater to our customers. Best would be to inquire about our products at your favourite store, and if they do not stock it, we would be happy to send them our products. You can always SHOP online with us for any of our products. We have made our shipping rates very attractive so you can buy without worrying about expensive shipping costs to anywhere across North America.


Do you ship to international locations?

We can ship our products to any location around the world. To find out about our international shipping rates, please visit our online SHOP, select the product and quantity you wish to purchase and send us your request. Your credit card will be fully refunded if you decide not to proceed with the shipping. Based on your address provided, we can send you the exact shipping costs and, if appropriate, we can proceed to confirming your order. We will fully refund your credit card if you decide not to proceed with the international shipping. Our shipping costs, especially across North America, are very reasonable.

Some approximate Additional costs for International shipping options (for single KIT):

Standard (no tracking), 4-6 weeks delivery time...$5.00 USD

Standard AIR (no tracking), 1-2 weeks delivery time...$10.00 USD

Standard (with tracking), 4-6 weeks delivery time...$40.00 USD

Expedited (with tracking), 1-2 weeks delivery time...$70.00 USD

Express (with tracking), 1 week or less delivery time...$100.00 USD


Can I buy other brands of miswak for the Penwak Swivel Case?

You can buy any brand of miswak that will be compatible in size to fit inside the Penwak Swivel Case. The Penwak Miswak Tooth-sticks are customized to fit the Penwak Swivel Case. We also take special care in ensuring that our miswaks are well packed and of finest quality possible.


I think my miswak is defective?

Because miswak is all-natural, it is entirely possible that some samples will have defects. Infrequently you may find a miswak has very weak fibers. If there is any concern with the miswak you purchased, we suggest you contact the manufacturer directly. If the miswak is from Penwak, please contact us at info[at] with your concerns and we would be happy to assist you.


Are all Penwak Miswak Tooth-sticks customized to fit the Penwak Swivel Case?

We try our best to ensure that all Penwak Miswak Tooth-sticks can fit in the Penwak Swivel Case. Occasionally you may find a miswak that is bent or has an odd shape (as they are 100% natural), this may make it challenging to fit easily inside the Swivel Case. Please contact us at info[at] if this ever happens and we would be happy to assist you.


If you have any specific questions about a Penwak product you purchased, please send us an email on info[at] and we would be happy to assist you.