Relate with our Penwak stories*

I carry the Penwak Swivel Case in my purse all the time. You just never know when you need a quick brush to freshen your mouth. It’s convenient and sleek, and best of all the miswak is completely natural.

I keep a Penwak Swivel Case in my office, my car, and by my bedside. I chew on the miswak regularly as I believe in its hygiene effects. My father used to carry the miswak open all the time, but with this case I can have it with me without worrying about getting it dirty. Bonus is the busier the traffic, the longer my drive and the cleaner my teeth!

I am a big skeptic, and we all should be. I like to review the literature thoroughly before believing in any claims by the drug companies. What impressed me the most was that the research studies are quite convincing about the benefits of the miswak. Clearly this is a practice rooted in tradition for centuries for a reason. I am a believer in using the miswak and I carry it on me in the Swivel Case quite regularly.

I always like to check my teeth after I eat. Now I carry the miswak in the Swivel Case in my purse and use it to quickly clean my teeth whenever I visit the rest room. It’s a great brush to use after you eat. I use it to get rid of any food particles between my teeth. I must be honest, initially the bitter taste of the extract took a little getting used to. If I can have garlic and wasabi, this is nothing in comparison. It works great and keeps me smiling.

I admire the simple and sleek design of the Penwak Swivel Case. It looks great. I keep it on me all the time, and people keep asking me “hey, that’s a cool pen.” That’s when I explain to them what the miswak is and how well it works.

I like to try new and different things. If there is a new tooth-paste or mouthwash out there, ive tried it. Penwak has done a great job with making the miswak use easy and convenient. It is 100% natural and effective and a great add-on to your usual brushing. The more you use it, the cleaner your mouth, and you don’t even need water.

I used to be a smoker and I still love my coffee. My teeth have taken a bit of abuse over the years, and they continue to when I have pop and juice. With our lifestyle, no wonder cavities are on the rise everywhere. I’ve started to brush more regularly especially with the miswak to help keep my teeth from staining and to keep my mouth clean.



*These are hypothetical scenarios for demonstration purposes only