The Penwak approach to the science behind the miswak is simple- we say “show us the evidence!”

For a practice that dates back to as early as 3500 B.C., it is impressive to see a resurging interest among today’s scientists in this age old tradition. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the use of the Salvadora persica (Peelu tree) miswak tooth-stick for oral hygiene. We have scoured over numerous studies on the miswak and have summarized below the winning features that make miswak an ideal supplement to your regular oral care.

Natural Bristles

Soft and longitudinal fibers in the miswak make it perfect for mechanically removing plaque, whitening teeth, massaging the gums, and reaching between teeth for a thorough clean.


Without the need for water or paste, the miswak is an all-in-one natural oral hygiene solution. Use it whenever and wherever you want. Regular use of the miswak can only lead to a cleaner mouth and a brighter smile. Combine the convenience of the miswak with the Penwak Swivel Case to make your miswak even more hygienic and accessible.

Special Extract

The miswak’s natural extract has just the right amount of organic anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal elements such as sitosterol, flavonoids, isothiocyanate and others. The combination of these healthy and active biologic agents makes the miswak effective in oral hygiene.

Environmentally Friendly

Our miswaks come straight from the peelu tree in its original form. They are not processed into a paste, have no hidden additives and are not depleted of their organic components. Because our miswaks are completely natural, they are entirely biodegradable and very eco-friendly.

Quality Evidence

Many of the claims about miswak benefits are based on sound scientific evidence. We share with you a few of the many impressive studies supporting the use of the miswak for effective oral hygiene.

  1. A thorough review of numerous studies showing the benefits of the miswak tooth-stick. The miswak is presented as a simple yet effective tradition that has been recognized by the World Health Organization and other health groups in improving oral hygiene.
  2. This study demonstrates the beneficial effects of miswak against Gram-negative bacteria known to cause inflammation in the gums.
  3. A study based out of Sweden in 2008, demonstrating the strong protective effects of miswak against bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease and cavities.
  4. Another study, this time based in New York, USA, in 2011 showing that miswak effectively reduces bacteria levels that cause tooth decay.
  5. A 2012 study that proves adding miswak use to your regular oral care is much more superior to brushing alone in reducing plaque and gum disease.

Try the Penwak Miswak Tooth-stick today and experience for yourself a whole new level of oral hygiene like never before.